Testing Fee Changes

    As of July 1, 2024, Utah's certified nursing assistant knowledge exam fees will be raised to $55. Skills exam fees will remain at the current rate of $55.

    Total testing fees will become $110.

Utah Nursing Assistant Registry

Welcome to UNAR

The Utah Nursing Assistant Registry (UNAR) provides certification, renewal, and reciprocity services for Certified Nursing Assistants in the State of Utah. UNAR also approves and oversees all nursing assistant training programs and instructors.

CNA Fees

Competency Exam: Manual Skills Exam (each attempt) $55
Competency Exam: Written Knowledge Exam (each attempt) $55
Duplicate Certificate with Wallet Card (digital and mailed) $15
Duplicate Certificate with Wallet Card (mailed) $10
Expired Certificate Competency Exam Fee $110
Name Change $15
Reciprocity Application $50
Renewal Late Fee (1 day - 6 months late) $40
Skills Exam Results Review Fee $20